Texoma Bulldog Club of Wichita Falls

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The Texoma Bulldog Club of Wichita Falls, Texas, held its first meeting in May of 1989.

The club's Charter members attending were:

Van Blevins, James Hammonds, Sherry Blevins, Kim Harris, Steve & Donna Brosche, Claudie & Janie Humphrey, Frank Cobb, Janis Meacham,

Terry and Mary Lou Crow, Spencer & Linda Pinegar, Jimmy and Irene Duhon, Cheri Riddle, Don & Karen Fields, Homer Riddle, Bill & Martha Ford, Bob & Sara Simmons, Jimmy & Mary Ann Greenlee, Billy & Carolyn, Skidmore, Lana Guthrie, Bob Vincent, H.0 & Linda Walker, Steve & Beverly Ward, Lucky & Donna Watson, Cheri Wright

The Officers and Board of Directors elected from that meeting consisted of:

  • President, Bob Simmons
  • Vice President, Spencer Pinegar
  • Secretary, Sherry Blevins
  • Treasurer, Irene Duhon
  • Board, Janie Humphrey
  • Board, Beverly Ward
  • Board, Cheri Riddle

The new club held it's first "fun" Match in February of 1990. The judge was Mr. Bob Klopfenstein from Oklahoma City, who judged a total of 25 bulldogs. The Show Chairman for its first fun Match was Mr. Spenser Pinegar.

The club held its second fun Match in October of 1990 with Mr. Hinds Poth of Houston, Texas judging. This was a very important match for this young club because it was also hosting a regular meeting of the Bulldog Club of America Division IV at the show site. A total of 38 dogs were entered from the states of Colorado, Kansas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

The club's third and final fun Match was held on February 24, 1991. There was an unexpected feature to this match because the club's previous matches were held in the National Guard Armory. However, the date of this match conflicted with the Persian Gulf War. The club had to scramble to locate a new site.

Mr. Press Adams, from Richland Springs, agreed to judge that match consisting of 34 dogs.

Spencer Pinegar and Janis Meacham did the honors of conducting a local morning educational program to promote the event. They also promoted the breed in general with two live bulldog puppies. The community turn out for this match was very good and everything went as planned.

An AKC-sanctioned "B" Match was held on February 28, 1992, with Brenda Newcomb judging. She chose Ch. Humphrey's Tobias as Best In Match and Cobb's Showboat Annie as Best of Opposite Sex.

The young club's first AKC-sanctioned "A" Match on April 23, 1994 was judged by Dr. Jack Brown. He chose: Humphrey's Happy Hour for Best in Match.

The Texoma Witchita Falls club held its first AKC-licensed Specialty Show on October 7, 1995, with Mrs. Kyle Fisher of West Virginia judging.